About Us

PEXBANK is a cutting-edge financial technology platform that connects individuals and businesses globally for cross-border transactions, foreign exchange, and international commerce. PEXBANK serves as a gateway to connect you with fellow citizens across the globe, enabling seamless sending, receiving, and immediate payments. Its purpose is to overcome various local and global payment restrictions, ensuring smoother financial transactions.

Our mission is to break down barriers in cross-border payments and foreign exchange, promoting financial inclusion, economic growth, and global connectivity. Automated and institutional payments have their merits, yet they often come with predefined limitations that hinder potential exploits in commerce, freelancing, and various cross-border opportunities. These restrictions confine payment privileges within specific economic and regional boundaries, limiting their scope.

PEXBANK operates globally, serving users from various countries and regions. Our headquarters are located Nigeria.

PEXBANK empowers individuals and businesses, including migrants and expatriates, to access global financial services, bridging the gap between borders and fostering economic opportunities.


By harnessing technology, we dissolve legally binding payment barriers. Our platform harnesses user collaboration, forming a secure space for currency exchange and cross-border transactions. This initiative fuels financial inclusion, nurtures economic progress, and bridges global divides.

Yes, PEXBANK employs robust security measures, including user verification, escrow services, and advanced encryption, ensuring the safety and integrity of transactions.

To start using PEXBANK, simply sign up for an account, explore the platform’s features, and begin engaging in cross-border transactions and foreign exchange.

PEXBANK offers a digital platform that simplifies cross-border transactions, provides competitive fees, and enables users to negotiate exchange rates and fees directly.

Yes, PEXBANK facilitates international commerce by connecting businesses with cross-border payment solutions, global exchange partners, and expanded market reach.

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