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No stranger you meet online will TRUST you enough to send money to your personal bank account on promise to complete an exchange deal. You could be one of the many Scammers on the internet with nothing to offer. Let us improve your chances of closing a deal by 100% in a few steps with Private Exchange Bank!


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Visit Your Country Website ( for Local cash to e-currency exchange or Global website ( for e-currency to e-currency exchange. Sign up to Create a distinctive profile, post an Exchange offer at your OWN Exchange Rate for interested buyers. You're ready for sales!


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It takes zero effort and instant conviction with a click to connect with a buyer who has nothing to lose! You need Zero reputation as buyers pays through PEXBANK buyer protection with our escrow system!
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What's that promising platform where you have promising individuals/market that is ever ready to buy numerous e-currency types? Facebook groups? Whatsapp group? A popular Forum? Yes! Share your profile pexlink or offer pexlinks with your folks. Never share your bank accounts.


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Anyone who loves great deals will send you payment via PEXBANK for your offer. You only recieve payment when Buyer confirms your transaction or money returns to Buyer. Upload an image or pdf reciept of transaction to buyer for confirmation prior to disputes.


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Your offer. Your exchange rate. Your deal! Great deals can be done at irresistable exchange rates! Quick cash-ecurrency deals or vice versa are closed at crazy offers exchangers cannot resist. You, other exchangers and buyers rendezvous PEXBANK can get you closing that deal in a snap!


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Today you sell, tomorrow you become the buyer! With features installed to help your needs, we keep you exposed to making great business with PEXBANK Private Messaging, Transaction chats, PEXme Exchange request and more. Our affiliate system soon to be in place will get others promoting your offers.

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Freelancers, Exchangers and Online Marketers making money in different e-currency types from businesses around the world get their opportunity to resell or buy at crazy exchange rates.

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With mobile ready website design, whatever it takes to help you meet up with the trend of being cool is cool with us. Our app for Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows is soon ready for your favourite play store!

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Impressive and easy business flow. A place where you can leverage on our platform v1.0 and credibility to establish your exchange business. Connect! Share! Sell!

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